“Attention: Coaches Who Want to STOP Selling and have Qualified Clients Coming to Them"

Exclusive Live Web Session Reveals:

"5 Costly Mistakes Coaches Make And How To Fix Them This Week"

On this brand new Getting High Value Clients and Creating Your High Value Offer exclusive live web session, Mike McMahon reveals:

  • 5 Biggest and Most Costly Mistakes Coaches Make
  • The Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make When Trying To Get High-Paying Clients For Their Coaching Practice. Which Leave You Frustrated, Chasing Unqualified Prospects And Facing Rejection.

CASE STUDY: Zero To $7 Million In 6 Months

  • The Exact Process I used to take One Coaching company from zero to $7 Million annually in 6 short months
  • I Will Walk you Step-by-Step Through EVERY Part of the Process

And much MUCH more...

If you ever wanted to be a sought after coach without having to be a sleazy salesperson or chase after unqualified prospects... then this is the most important training you'll attend all year!

It all happens Tuesday, August 3 at 2pm EST / 11am PST


Mike McMahon is a certified Business Coach and has closed more than 12,000 sales. But, after mastering, teaching and using every closing trick in the book, he’s turned a new leaf. Instead of using pressure to make sales he's taken the pressure and pain out of selling for coaches.. Helping them master getting high quality clients in the digital age.

Now Mike blasts what was once his bread and butter as “Battlefield Selling”. Those old-school sales methods are high-stress (for both coach and client). They are a primitive system, from the old days.

Mike has done away with that and prescribes a new, fun, and civilized way forward that gets big results!

Insightful author, high-content speaker, and can-do coach. Mike McMahon has a stellar track record of helping coaches breakthrough their sales roadblocks. So they can have a blast enrolling more clients and make a bigger impact in the world.


I found the 'deep dive' analysis of my recorded sales presentations particularly useful in highlighting both areas of weakness to rectify, and areas of strength on which to build.

For any coach who may be struggling to close prospects, or may simply want a great refresher I have no hesitation in recommending Mike's Courses.


Peter Baylis

Mike is a caring person that knows his subject matter. Excellent practical training on "how to do it".

The 'Implication questions' refresher helped me to sign up (within 2 weeks), all the customers I can handle for the next 12 months. So to recommend the training is a 'no brainer' for me.


Deon Liebenberg


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